Tyrone is approximately three miles from Interstate 85, the Town of Tyrone offers the charm and safety of a small community with easy access to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the corporations located in the Atlanta Metro area.

Tyrone has approximately 7,000 residents. The main reasons people and businesses relocate to Tyrone is due to one of the finest cities in the suburbs. High priority has been placed on smart economic development strategies and functional greenspaces that beautify the community.

Tyrone is in an area originally belonging to the Creek Indians. Scottish and Irish immigrants settled here in the late 1800's because it reminded them of the area around County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. Some of the homes built by those first settlers are still occupied by their descendants. It was initially named Tyrone by the Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad when they first laid tracks in 1907, just four years before the Town of Tyrone was incorporated in 1911.

In addition to boasting a low crime rate, the Town of Tyrone offers an active parks and recreation department which holds classes, camps, sporting leagues and opportunities for community engagement events throughout the year. The town also staffs a wonderful public library in the Flint River Regional Library system.

The vibrant portfolio of businesses range from locally-owned coffee shops to nationally-recognized performing arts venues to multi-national ministries. Work with the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and Fayette County Development Authority has set in motion great plans for future growth along the SR74 Gateway Corridor into the community for years to come.

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